TESSA  is an upmarket South African fashion accessory brand. Tessa’s range includes a wide array of fashion jewellery such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, body jewellery and also features scarves, hats, caps, belts, gloves and any current must-have trends such as iron-on badges and pins.

Tessa’s range reflects the designer’s personal style: simple but edgy, fashion forward, on trend, glamorous, fun, stylish and ageless.

This exciting range is inspired by catwalk collections and by the women of the world who express their uniqueness and their creativity through accessories.

Fashion Jewellery Summer 2019 Collection

Fashion Jewellery Winter 2018 Collection

Fashion Jewellery Summer 2017 Collection

Fashion Jewellery Winter 2017 Collection

Fashion Jewellery Summer 2016 Collection

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